Going with Smart San isn't all about increasing the level of safety of your product; it is also about cost-savings. Reduce the time your team spends on cleaning with optimized detergents and efficiency raising tools while saving money.

Smart San Automation

Smart San detergents are developed to work fine on their own, providing the results you need, but when combined with Saraya tank foamers and proportioners, you'll realize great cost savings. Through automation of proportioning and cleaning, you'll find the amount of detergent used is consistent and lower than before, and it is safer for the environment.

Better Productivity

The key to the Smart San system is the ability for you to do more in less time and with less man power.
For example, the Clean Foam system allows complicated machinery and large surfaces to be accurately
cleaned with one person in a fraction of the time. Use your new productivity to lengthen production hours
and reduce overtime. Simple operation makes the Smart San system easy to use with maximum and
predictable results.