Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water

Improving water for food sanitation
Electrolyzed water is essentially water with unique disinfecting and antimicrobial properties created through electrolysis of alkaline water containing table salt (sodium chloride). By combining the alkaline salt solution with negative ions, hypochlorous acid (mainly found in bleach) is produced on the cathode side. This acidic electrolyzed water has a particularly high concentration of effective hypochlorous acid, which is both food safe and effective at killing and suppressing bacteria. However, it is not stable and corrosive to some metals at a certain pH, meaning it must be produced on site and used properly.

The use of electrolyzed water was first developed in Japan, where a vast amount of research has been conducted on its use, safety and efficacy. At Saraya we have used this large amount of data and research to develop the best electrolyzed water solution for food hygiene with safety, antimicrobial efficacy, and material tolerance in a user friendly system. Among the various electrolyzed water devices, we suggest our customers try the Saraya slightly acidic electrolyzed water system for an increased level of sanitation and safety. To make slightly acidic electrolyzed water more useful, we are researching ways to make Saraya it more multipurpose with better raw materials and anti-corrosion properties.

Antibacterial effect on major microorganisms

Bacteria were still detected after foam washing and rinsing with tap water. However, bacteria were not detected when rinsing with slightly acidic electrolyzed water.

Saraya suggests using electrolyzed water in combination with foam washing for a higher level of sanitation and cleanliness.

A better way to rinse

Electrolyzed water has traditionally been used for sanitizing fresh produce and cooking equipment. In addition to these uses, Saraya has researched the benefits of rinsing surfaces with slightly acidic electrolyzed water after washing, which is shown to increase sanitation with a food safe solution. Rinsing with water is always a necessary step after washing with detergent, but by rinsing with electrolyzed water, we can safely increase the sanitizing effect of washing with detergent, prevent the growth of mold or mildew, and deodorize without adding any additional time or steps to a regular cleaning schedule.

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